ZASU Bylaws


The following Bye-Laws shall be enforced by the Zambia Amateur Swimming Union and by the Clubs and Associations under its jurisdiction.

1. National Colours:

  • The National Colors of the Union shall be those laid down by the National Sports Council with the addition of the words ‘Swimming’ ‘Water Polo’ or ‘Synchronized Swimming’, on the Badge.
  • Conditions for the recommendation of the National Award of Colors shall be;
    -Any person officially selected to represent Zambia and who participates in at least two competitions against an official national team of another country, MAY be recommended for the award of colors, subject to the approval of the council.
    -The Manager, Chaperone and Coach shall be recommended for the award of colors when officiating with official Zambian Teams in an International Competition and the Badge shall bear the works ‘Manager’, ‘Chaperone’ or ‘Coach’, which ever is appropriate.

2. Zambia Amatuer Swimming Union Colours

  • The Union colors will be awarded by the Executive Committee as and when the need arise.
  • The Union Colors may be awarded to all competitors and of teams officially selected to represent the Zambia Amateur Swimming Union in any competition.

3. Records

  • All applications for National, African, Commonwealth and World records must be sent by the Secretary or Recorders of the Association, in which the competition takes place, to the Hon Secretary of the Union within 14 days of competition for consideration by to Executive Committee, and shall been duly signed by the Gala Referee, Chief Judge, Chief Timekeeper the relevant Lane Timekeeper and Started
  • Only times shall be maintained in a 25m or 50m Pool will be considered for recognition as National Records.
  • Records shall be maintained in respect of distances laid down from time by the union.
  • A Zambian National record may be claimed by: Any registered member of the union, being a Zambian National, competing in Any competition or record attempt organized under the rules of the Zambia Amateur Swimming Union in Zambia or other FINA Affiliated Federation.

4. Zambia Championships:

A) The Zambian Open Championships
  • Shall be open to any swimmer registered with the union
  • Shall be competed in divisions set by the Executive.
B) The National Age-group Championships
  • Shall be held as a separate tournament.
  • The age-grouping shall be as decided from time to time by the Union.
  • Shall be open to any amateur swimmer registered with the Union.
C) The Zambia Closed Championships
  • Eligible Zambian swimmers will accumulate points throughout the season at the various league galas, the swimmer with the best individual performance in the various Events/Distances at the end of the season will be awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in each age group, female or male accordingly.
  • Participation is restricted to swimmers born in Zambia and attending school in Zambia, and Zambian Citizens wherever resident or at school.

5.  Events:

The Championships events from time to time laid down by the Union together with any other events considered necessary by the Executive Committee shall form a Championship Programme.

6.  Conditions:

Where the Championships also constitute an inter Club competition then any Club representation shall

  • Have been domiciled in Zambia for a period of at least thirty days prior to the date of such Championships.
  • May represent only one Club or Association at the Championships.
  • Such Clubs or Associations shall be entitled to;  – 2 Teams per relay event.

7.  Entries:

  • All entries for any Championships must be forwarded to the Union by the closing date, which shall be set the Executive Committee. Late entries will only be accepted where so authorized by the Executive.
  • The Executive Committee shall be responsible for:
    1. Arranging the order of events, together with any heats that may be necessary.
    2. The draw for lane positions.

8.  Officials:

The Officials for the Championships shall be appointed by the Executive Committee Casual vacancies, occurring after this meeting, shall be filled by the Committee.

N.B. Any item not covered by the foregoing shall be governed by the Rules of the Z.A.S.U. or F.I.N.A.

9.  Trophies:

All Trophies shall be the property of the Union. Affiliated Clubs or Associations shall be held responsible for the return of any trophies awarded to any of the members. A register of trophies shall be maintained and any person to whom a trophy shall be awarded shall sign a receipt for the same.

10.  Zambia Meritorious Service:

  • The Union may recommend to the National Sports Council of Zambia any person, who in its opinion, has rendered outstanding service to swimming in Zambia over lengthy period and whose service conforms to the conditions laid down by the Zambia Colours Award Board.

11.  Z.A.S.U. Meritorious Sevice:

  • The Executive may recommend to the Union at any Annual General meeting up t four persons who in its opinion have rendered an outstanding service to their Clubs and the Union.